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It Doesn't Take Common Sense To Know....Going "Green" Shouldn't Be Politcal

It Doesn't Take Common Sense To Know....Going "Green" Shouldn't Be Political.

Let me start by saying Al Gore pisses me off. I don't like him and I never have. He is the reason, in my opinion, why progress is being halted. Everyone has seen, knows, or heard of Al Gore's Nobel Prize winning documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth". For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past ten years it is a two hour long power point presentation by Al Gore in which he introduces the term "Global Warming" into the public vernacular, explains how global warming is man made, and how to fix the problem.

Now whether or not you agree with Mr. Gore is your own problem. I am not going to go into my opinion about the documentary and "Global Warming". My focus is on the phrase "going green". Another term thrust into the public domain by Mr. Gore. I don't have a problem with this at all. Not necessarily for the environmental benefits, but there is nothing wrong with agreeing with that. How could it possibly be bad to try and take care of the planet we live on? Obviously, people take it to extremes, like using three squares of toilet paper and taking one minute showers. First, I am lucky if I only need to use three yards of toilet paper let alone three squares. Second, one minute showers?!?! How could anyone possibly get clean in one minute! Now I get not taking fifteen minute showers but one minute, I don't think so.

Like everything else in the United States, "going green" has been thrust into the political arena and twisted to suit the agenda of each party. The Republicans' coming out immediately against "Global Warming" and "Going Green" and the Democrats apparently pioneering it. I don't really know why this has happened but I know that in American politics when the other side has an idea it has to be wrong. I blame Al for progress being halted because this whole "green" thing started with him. So naturally I am going to blame him even if it was the political parties in this country that messed up the whole issue.

Here is where being in the middle helps. The Republicans want to deny the whole thing. I will not deny our effect on the changing environment. I am not saying climate I am just simply saying environment. It's hard to deny that our effects on nature are being felt by other species and even gone so far as to puncture a hole in the ozone layer of our atmosphere. Ground water has been contaminated by drilling for natural gas, landfill, dumping, etc. Air in China is polluted to the point where they have smog days and have to wear masks outside. It was so polluted during the Olympics that I recall reports of athletes claiming the pollution was going to be a factor in the running and endurance events that took place outside. We have a dramatic effect on the world we live in and I feel there is nothing wrong with taking care of the planet that quite literally takes care of us. Being conscious of what we create, produce, and throw away. There is nothing wrong with recycling and creating new things from the old. There is nothing wrong with conserving energy. There is nothing wrong with looking for alternative fuel and energy sources that don't hurt the environment. Basically there is nothing wrong with going "green" as long as I am not told that I have to do it.

This is where the democrats come in. The democrats want to legislate their way into a better world. I get that sometimes people are stubborn and need to have things thrust upon them. It is flat out wrong, however, to force people to do something that they don't want to do. If someone doesn't want to change the light bulbs in their house then they shouldn't have to change the light bulbs in there house. Legislation is not the way to prove to people that going "green" is not political. By trying to make laws, taxes, and fines, you will just simply piss people off and make them think it's government control.

I look at "green" in a very simply way, progress. It is progress, putting away the methods of the past is natural. It's what we have been doing since the wheel was invented. It seems though that we have reached a road block in progress for the last fifty years. Now I know that sounds wrong because of the invention of the computer and advancement of all technology.

Think of it like this. the car was invented in 1881 by Karl Benz (co-founder of Mercedes Benz) it was a three wheeled automobile and, believe it or not, was electric powered. In fact, all of the car companies in the late 1800's and early 1900's were fighting to see which form of propulsion would be the best. Steam was a big contender, as was electric, diesel, alcohol, and obviously gasoline. It wasn't until Henry Ford revolutionized the assembly line did we have a distinctive and universal fuel which ended up being gasoline. Since then, gasoline has been the obvious winner. It didn't help that the oil companies saw great potential in the production of gasoline and its use in motor vehicles. The basics of the internal combustion engine have remained the same for over 100 years.

In the 1950's and 1960's it was clear that we were going to have new and fantastic modes of transportation. Electric, nuclear, and flying cars where supposed to be in our future. Unfortunately, oil companies really do have a say in that future and have done everything possible to ensure that doesn't happen. So I guess Al Gore is off the hook, although I still blame him for the term "global warming" and "green" becoming pop-culture phrases.

It is pretty obvious to see that we have sacrificed progress for profits. When I say we, I mean the companies who give us (the consumer) the product. We are to blame for the lack of progress in this country. Gasoline was cheap, it used be that you could fill up your car for cents not dollars. It wasn't until the eighties that we even considered alternative energy again when gas prices sky rocketed. The price of gas is what's causing us again now to question and produce alternative ways of producing energy. So, now we are scrambling to find new and better ways to fuel our homes and get around. So far, we can only think of cars that will either blow up or catch fire, get you around the block before you have to recharge it, or cars that make a concession to the oil companies and have both electric and gas powered engines.

Still, progress is progress and I hope that in my lifetime we will have new, clean, and efficient forms of power. I really don't think of this as something political or even something that should have a political spin on it. I think it's cool and interesting. I find it amazing when someone explains to me that it's possible to have a car that could be fueled by water, or air. Is it not the mark of the human race to constantly make ourselves better? Why should our progress as a society be stifled because of political saber rattling and the corruption of big business. I guess what I am saying is that maybe Al Gore had it right, (DAMN IT!!) not by making it a political thing but making it a pop-culture thing. Maybe it needed to become a pop-culture thing so people demand change and want change. So what I am asking you the reader to do is not look at "green" as a bad thing, a political thing, or even an environmental thing. Look at it as progress, with the benefits being a cleaner, safer, and efficient world.

Written By: Salvatore Pezzino Jr.
Edited By: Julius Motal

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