Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate Preview: Round Two

So needless to say since the last debate there has been a lot of speculation as to who won the first debate between the President and Governor Romney, as well as the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Most of if not all people can agree that the last two debates where some of the most exciting debates we have seen in about twenty years.

I have already concluded that the first debate was a decisive victory for Governor Romney. He came out strong and didn't back down on any issue. He presented his message better then the president, regardless of some inconsistencies and stretched truths. The President was very weak and was not as aggressive as many democrats hoped he would be.

Moving forward to the Vice Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden, it seems Joe Biden decided act completely opposite from the President and be extremely aggressive in getting his message out. So much so that it was perceived to be rude, arrogant, and unhinged. This may have cost him some support as well as being declared the all out victor. Regardless of all that, I believe it is fair to declare the Vice President the victor of that debate. Although he was loud and didn't allow Paul Ryan to talk, the bottom line is that the message was presented better. I have mentioned this to many people and they have told me “of course he sounded better he wouldn't let Paul Ryan speak” or “how was Ryan supposed to get a word in edge wise when Joe was just rambling on”. The point still remains that he didn't let Ryan get his message out. Vice President Biden performed perfectly because he didn't give Ryan a chance to present anything to the American people. So even if you call the debate a draw Biden wins because the expectations for him going into the debate where so low and he didn't let people see a distinction that would help them consider who they are going to vote for. This is American politics, it’s not about how worthy your message is or if it’s right or wrong its how you sell it to the American people. If you look strong people are going to think you are strong and in turn they will believe whatever you have to say.

Tonight’s debate is going to be very interesting. Hopefully tonight’s debate will be just as if not more exciting then the last two debates. It is certainly more anticipated then the first one and should prove to be very informative because the focus tonight will be foreign policy. With the recent attacks and turmoil in the Middle East it will be interesting to see where each candidate stands on the issues.

What you should be looking for first is how the President will react to his performance last debate. Certainly he will be coming out of the gate much more aggressively then he did last time. I believe that they told Biden to be overly aggressive to see how hard they could push without seeming to arrogant. Obviously Joe over did it, but I feel that you will see the President finding common ground between how he performed in the first debate and how Joe Biden performed in the VP debate.

Second thing to look for is how Romney is going to react to his victory in the first debate. Will he maintain the confidence he had in the first debate or will he get too cocky and open himself up to attack from the President? I don’t think you will see Governor Romney being more aggressive then he was last debate. I feel that he caught the President off guard last debate and you know damn sure that the President has dedicated the last week and a half to preparing for this one.

The issues are going to be a key factor during this debate, since the attacks on September 11th in Libya, the competence of this administration to handle foreign policy have been called into question. The on again off again status about the attack being related to terrorism has left the administration looking very weak.

Do not be surprised to hear a question directed towards the president about the attacks and his administrations response. Also don’t be surprised to hear Romney using the attacks to prove that president is weak on terrorism and responding to terrorism. You will also hear Romney talking about the President’s apologist platform, and that “he will never apologize for the United States or our Freedom”.

The president has the unfortunate problem of having to defend his foreign policy tonight when he has a pretty strong record of acting when he needs to. Two key examples would be taking out Gaddafi and Bin Laden. When action needed to be taken, he did it. One of the most frustrating GOP talking points I have been hearing is the downplaying of the President taking out Bin Laden. Of course the President wasn't there but he gave the order. An order that Clinton was incapable of giving in the nineties when he had the chance and an order that Bush couldn't give because he couldn't find Bin Laden. To downplay the president not being the one to take down Osama Bin Laden is the most childish pieces of rhetoric that the GOP has produced in a long time. The president has also been very strong on the sanctions against Iran when it comes to the development of nuclear weapons. He has also come through on his promise to start removing troops from Iraq.

The biggest issue facing our country in terms of foreign policy is a nuclear Iran and I believe it will be one of the biggest things debated tonight. It’s an issue that both sides basically agree on but will fight to see who can make themselves sound better. Biden and Ryan debated the issue rather quickly during the VP debate, basically setting an outline for what each of the Presidential candidates will say tonight. Romney wants prove or will attempt to prove that it was the Republicans who fought for the sanctions against Iran and that the nuclear threat is an imminent one. Obama wants to prove or attempt to prove that he fought for the sanctions against Iran and that it was in spite of the Republicans in congress not because of the Republicans in congress. Finally Obama will try and downplay the threat of Iran getting a nuclear weapon and that it is because of his sanctions they are further away from getting one.

Needless to say, tonight will at least be more interesting because foreign policy is so relevant right now. All of the items that will be discussed tonight are fresh in everyone’s heads. People are ready to hear what they are looking to hear and when it comes to foreign policy in this day and age people want the strongest leader they can get. Tonight is very important to both candidates, because how they are perceived tonight is how the world is going to perceive them tomorrow.

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